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Royalty-free image pricing

We provide high resolution stock photos at very affordable prices. Secure offline payment (Bill) or Paypal payment and instant image download.

Format Resolution Print size Price
Small 500 x 334 Pixel 8,47 x 5,66 cm (150 dpi)
4,23 x 2,83 cm (300 dpi)
4,80 Eur
Medium 1000 x 667 Pixel 16,93 x 11,29 cm (150 dpi)
8,47 x 5,65 cm (300 dpi)
6,90 Eur
High Resolution up to 3888 x 2592 Pixel 65,84 x 43,89 cm (150 dpi)
32,92 x 21,95 cm (300 dpi)
14,80 Eur

Royalty-Free License for Stock Photography

What Royalty-Free means is that you pay for the image only once and then you can use it as many times as you like, with just a few restrictions. In other words, there are no license fees except the initial fee and no other royalties to be paid except those included in the initial cost. Note that the maximum number of copies for printed materials is 500,000 copies.

The Royalty-Free license is granted ONLY for the high-resolution, non-watermarked image (the one that is bought using the download button); all the other versions (small watermarked and non-watermarked thumbnails which are visible on this site) are entirely copyrighted.

Watermarked images can be used for layout purpose.